Items on this list are planned items that aren't bugs or feature requests. In other words, these are all those things that need to be done but aren't listed in the sourceforge bug tracker. They are in no particular order.

Code todo's

  1. KeyboardEventTest.which should be fixed in HtmlUnitDriver
  2. Fix focused window of focused page for click()
  3. Allow access to the WebResponse for all components that may request an additional request
  4. JavaScript: isolate NodeList from HTMLCollection, e.g. node.childNodes is NodeList. Recheck live and static lists.
  5. JavaScript: object.getClassName() to be browser specific, e.g. document.querySelectorAll() is NodeList in FF, but StaticNodeList in IE8
  6. MockWebConnection: to be used in
  7. Check IE behavior in DefaultCredentialsProvider2Test
  8. MockWebConnection: should be use in only WebTestCase, not WebServerTestCase

Documentation todo's

  1. XPath howto